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Sydney Airport Online Services Terms of Use

Welcome to Sydney Airport Corporation Limited’s and its subsidiaries’ (“Sydney Airport”, “we”, “our” or “us”) Online Services.

Sydney Airport’s “Online Services” include our:

  • Website available via (“Website”);
  • Mobile operating applications such as online applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and other devices;
  • Free WiFi Service (“Free WiFi”) and free internet services at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (“Airport”);
  • e-mail subscription services;
  • InfoSyd Portal; and
  • OurSyd Portal

that we may offer from time to time.

Sydney Airport provides access to the Online Services subject to these terms and conditions of use, together with Sydney Airport’s Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) available at (together the “Terms of Use”).

Each time you use our Online Services you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, as varied from time to time. If You do not agree to these Terms of Use, you must not access or use the Online Services. Copies of these Terms of Use are available via the Website.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must only accept these Terms of Use with the approval of a parent or guardian.

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of New South Wales.

Your use of our Online Services

  1. Your use of our Online Services

1.1 Unless otherwise specified, we provide our Online Services free of charge. However, your standard network charges will apply.

1.2 By using our Online Services, you agree that you will not engage in any conduct that is:

a. disruptive or detrimental to Sydney Airport;

b. disruptive or detrimental to the operation and functionality of our Online Services; or

c. unlawful.

1.3 In this respect, you agree that you must not use the Online Services in any manner or access websites or content via the Online Services that:

a. could introduce any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, cancelbots, time bombs, malicious software or any other computer programming routines that may damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously or remotely intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information or interfere with the integrity and/or performance of the Online Services and/or Sydney Airport's other networks and equipment;

b. could cause Sydney Airport to be in breach of any law or to incur any liability or could violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation (including, but not limited to, those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising);

c. contains, depicts, promotes or advocates behaviour which is abusive, harassing, illegal, violent, threatening, insulting, defamatory, libellous, indecent, obscene, racist or otherwise discriminatory, inappropriate or objectionable in any way;

d. contains child pornography and other explicit material;

e. is inaccurate, fraudulent, pornographic, misleading, deceptive or offensive;

f. spoofs or otherwise impersonates any other party or misrepresents your identity, subject to your right to use a pseudonym under the Privacy Policy;

g. infringes any third party's (including Sydney Airport’s) copyright, patent, trade mark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights;

h. involves any attempt to access any data or system which You are not authorised to access; or

i. has (or may have) an unreasonable load on the infrastructure of Sydney Airport’s network or that has the effect of undermining the integrity of our Online Services or damaging or disrupting our Online Services.

  1. Privacy

2.1 Please read our Privacy Policy. This policy sets out how we will collect and use any personal information we obtain about you through your use of the Online Services.

2.2 By using the Online Services, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information by Sydney Airport as described in our Privacy Policy.

  1. Copyright and Other Intellectual Property

3.1 Our Online Services and content on our Online Services, including all text, graphics, photographs, images, moving images, sounds and illustration, are protected by copyright and trademark laws. You agree to abide by these laws. Your use of the material and content we provide, or access through our Online Services, does not grant you any ownership rights in such material. You are not licensed to use any of our trademarks displayed on our Online Services without our express written consent.

  1. External links, Advertising, Promotions, e-Commerce Offers and Third party Content

4.1 The Online Services may contain a range of goods sold by retailers at Sydney Airport. Sydney Airport does not sell these goods and makes no guarantees, representations or warranties as to, and does not accept any responsibility for:

  • the goods sold by retailers at Sydney Airport including in respect of the availability, price and quality of such goods; and

  • the accuracy or completeness of information included on this website about the goods sold by retailers at Sydney Airport.

    4.2 Our Online Services may contain links to external websites operated by third party service providers. These external links may allow you to connect with businesses that operate in or around Sydney Airport including airlines and transport providers. Third party advertising may also appear on our Online Services. The links to external websites and third party advertising are not under the control of Sydney Airport and are provided for your convenience only. The relevant third party service provider is responsible for its external link and each will apply their own terms and conditions of use.

    4.3 Sydney Airport is not able to warrant the reliability of the content on the linked external websites or third party advertising and we will not be responsible for liable for it. While linked external websites or third party advertising may be useful to you, Sydney Airport does not recommend or endorse the products and/or services offered by these third parties. Please contact the relevant third party should any issues arise with their products or services.

    4.4 You must not link our Online Services or part of our Online Services to any other website or application without the express written authorisation of Sydney Airport.

    4.5 Our Online Services may also contain third party promotions (including banner ads and full page advertisements) and other content provided by third parties. All third party promotions (including referral buttons and embedded hyperlinks) are paid for by the relevant third party and do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of the promoted product, service, or third party website by us. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the advertisements on our Online Services, or the information, or products or services, provided, offered or sold by advertisers or other third parties on, or via links on, our Online Services. The relevant third parties should be contacted directly for any information regarding the advertisement, product, or service.

    4.6 Certain sections of our Online Services, including travel booking sections, provide you with the opportunity to interact with and use the services of third-party suppliers. We do not warrant the reliability of any links to any site of any third-party carriers or suppliers, and are not in any way responsible for, or liable for any failure in relation to, the communication from you to the third party of any reservation or purchase you may make with such a third party, or the confirmation of such a reservation or purchase. We make no warranty with regards to any goods or services supplied by third party carriers or suppliers.

    4.7 From time to time, we may directly (or via our third party partners and resellers) offer promotional online special offers or conduct marketing activities including competitions, market research surveys, customer profiling, customer insights and targeted marketing activities (such as through email, SMS, social media and other online channels) in respect of the products and services of Sydney Airport and its affiliates and trusted third party partners, advertisers and sponsors. Such promotions will be governed by the terms and conditions of that promotion, which will apply in addition to these terms and conditions. Unless stated otherwise at that time, any such promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.

  1. Content

5.1 Content provided on our Online Services has been compiled for your convenience and includes information sourced from third parties over whom we have limited control. While we make every effort to make sure that content is correct and up to date our reliance on these third parties means that we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of all content on our Online Services.

5.2 If you upload or otherwise provide any information or content in the course of accessing or using our Online Services, you agree that such content will be true and correct and you grant Sydney Airport a perpetual non-revocable licence to use the content in any manner Sydney Airport considers fit, subject to applicable Australian law, including the privacy laws. Any content you provide must not be unlawful or infringe the rights of anyone else.

5.3 We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to limit or block access to:

(a) the Online Services to anyone who is deemed to be in breach of these Terms of Use, or is behaving in an inappropriate manner, or for any other reason;

(b) any network protocols that we deem to be inappropriate or which may contravene these Terms, including but not limited to those used by file sharing applications or any Bit-Torrent type of client or Peer to Peer applications; and

(c) any websites we consider inappropriate, including sites which contain or promote gambling, pornography, sexually explicit material, drug use, violence, terrorism, racial vilification, harassment or discrimination of any kind or spam or anything in breach of any law or regulation.

  1. Liability and indemnity

6.1 While we have taken great care in the preparation of our Online Services and have endeavoured to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information in good faith, to the extent permitted by law, Sydney Airport does not represent, warrant or guarantee:

a. the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, completeness or suitability of the content on our Online Services or that our Online Services is provided or available without errors, omissions or viruses;

b. merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any product or service contained or referred to on our Online Services; or

c. continuous, uninterrupted, error free, virus free or secure access to our Online Services and content on our Online Services.

6.2 To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for all direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or inconvenience suffered or incurred by any person as a result of use of our Online Services or the reliance on any content on our Online Services.

6.3 To the extent that Sydney Airport is unable to limit its liability under these Terms of Use as a result of a warranty or condition implied by law, Sydney Airport expressly limits its liability to the maximum extent possible to the flowing, the choice of which is at Sydney Airport’s sole discretion:

a. In the case of goods – the replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods or the repayment of the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods.

b. In the case of services – the supply of the services again or the repayment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

6.4 You are responsible for your use of our Online Services. You indemnify and must defend and hold harmless, Sydney Airport and its personnel, subcontractors and agents from and against all loss, damage, liability, expense or costs (including all reasonable legal and other professional costs on a full indemnity basis) of any nature arising from your breach of these Terms of Use or otherwise in connection with your use or misuse of the Online Services.

  1. Termination and variation

7.1 We can terminate your use of and/or access to our Online Services at any time at our own discretion.

7.2 We may vary these Terms of Use at any time. If we do so, we shall post new the new Terms of Use on our website and will draw any changes to your attention if it is practical and reasonable to do so.

7.3 If any part of these Terms of Use is for any reason unenforceable, that part must be read down to the extent necessary to preserve its operation. If it cannot be read down, it must be severed.

7.4 If Sydney Airport waives any rights available to it under these Terms of Use, this does not mean that those rights will be automatically waived on another occasion.

  1. Investigation by Authorities

We reserve the right to act in any appropriate manner, where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting illegal or unacceptable usage of the Online Services, including, co-operating fully with Commonwealth and State Police and other bodies investigating unlawful behaviour on or via the Online Services.

  1. Decisions final

Our decision relating to the Online Services is final and no discussions or correspondence with you or any other person will be entered into.

  1. Additional Terms relating to Free WiFi

Without limiting your obligations under these Terms of Use, the additional terms set out in this clause 10 apply when you use the Free WiFi.

a. To access the Free WiFi, You need a wireless enabled device (‘Device’) to login and to agree to these Terms of Use. Do not use the Free WiFi if you do not have the express permission of the lawful owner of the relevant Device.

b. We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to limit, restrict or suspend access to or the availability of, the Free WiFi, in whole or in part, at any time for any reason (including for any maintenance).

c. You acknowledge and agree that:

i. access to the Free WiFi is at your own risk and that the Free WiFi is not supplied for the purpose of or suitable for supporting, continuous, uninterrupted, error free network connectivity or large amounts of downloading;

ii. the Free WiFi provides unencrypted wireless access to the internet and you are responsible for the security of your Device and any transmissions made or received during your access; and

iii. you are responsible for taking any necessary security precautions to protect your Device against the risks of hacking, viruses, eavesdropping, and all other such hazards.

d. To log out of Free WiFi, close your internet browser. You will be automatically logged out of the Free Wifi if:

i. your access is terminated by us in accordance with these Terms of Use;

ii. no activity is detected from your Device for a continuous period of time (as determined by Sydney Airport from time to time) while logged in to the Free WiFi;

iii. you leave the Airport; or

iv. you exceed the time limit (as determined by Sydney Airport from time to time) per Free WiFi session.

e. If you are in the process of downloading a file and you are logged out of the Free WiFi, your partially downloaded file will not be recoverable.

f. We do not provide power, information technology advice or assistance to any user of the Free WiFi.

g. You must not gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Free WiFi.

  1. Additional Terms relating to the InfoSyd Portal Without limiting your obligations under these Terms of Use, the additional terms set out in this clause 11 apply when you use the InfoSyd Portal.

a. Sydney Airport grants to you a non-assignable and revocable licence to use the InfoSyd Portal granting access to multiple Sydney Airport applications for viewing, downloading and providing information for whatever process (the “Permitted Purpose”) you have requested.

b. In addition to your obligations in clause 1 of these Terms of Use, you agree that you must:

i. comply with Sydney Airport’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Acceptable Use Policy made available to you by Sydney Airport from time to time;

ii. not upload any documents into the InfoSyd Portal containing sensitive or personal information; and

iii. complete relevant awareness training for information security as advised by Sydney Airport from time to time,

c. Information on the InfoSyd Portal relating to Sydney Airport and its business activities (“Confidential Information”) is strictly confidential. Except to the extent required for the Permitted Purpose, you acknowledge and agree that you must not use or reproduce documents containing Confidential Information without Sydney Airport's prior written consent. You must take all reasonable steps to protect any Confidential Information on the InfoSyd Portal against misuse, loss or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.