About ID and access services

We issue the relevant ID and access cards for people who work at Sydney Airport. These include:

Do I need an ASIC?

If you work at the airport and require unescorted access to security sensitive areas, you must have an ASIC to comply with Australian aviation legislation. The ASIC scheme provides an additional layer of security to ensure you’ve passed appropriate measures before being permitted to access secure areas of airports without supervision.

There are two ASIC types:

  • if you work in the departures or arrivals areas of the terminals passed security screening or customs (Australian Border Force), you’ll require a grey ASIC
  • if you need access to airside areas or the airside security zone, you’ll need a red ASIC Your employer will help you identify which ASIC you should apply for, based on the requirements of your role.

How do I apply for an ASIC

You should apply for your ASIC as soon as you can, prior to starting work at the airport. Once submitted, the process takes about six weeks, but could take longer. Please follow the steps below to apply for your ASIC:

  1. Download and complete the ASIC Application Form.

  2. Read and review the Auscheck Privacy Notice.

  3. Ensure your completed application form is signed by the authorised signatory from your employer

  4. Submit your form in person to ID and Access Services located on level 3 at T1 International, near the medical centre

  5. Staff will conduct an in-person identification check, and take copies of your identification documents. Review our identification requirements before you lodge your application

  6. Download the Sydney Airport Security Awareness Guide and sit and pass the Sydney Airport security awareness test in person at ID and Access Services. The guide provides staff working at the airport with information on security, contact details and security obligations. During the test, you’re not allowed to refer to the Sydney Airport Security Awareness guide, use your mobile phone, take photos of the questions or seek assistance to answer the questions.

Collecting your ASIC

Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation letter advising that your ASIC is ready for collection from ID and Access Services, during office hours.

If you’re delayed in collecting your card, please contact us on 02 9667 9301. If you fail to collect your new ASIC within 30 days of it being approved, your application and card will be cancelled. You must have either a passport or valid driver’s licence to collect your ASIC.

If you have an existing ASIC or Visitor Pass (VIC), please bring it with you, as we’re unable to issue your new ASIC without it being returned. A new photo is also required to be taken when issuing a new ASIC, which will be taken at ID and Access Services.

ID and access services location

ID and access services is located within the Airport Services Centre at T1 International, level 3 (near the medical centre).

Visitor Identification Cards (VICs) services and Lost Property services will be available from the after-hours counter at T1 International for the above days when ID and Access are closed.

General hours of operation

  • Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 16:00
  • Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED
  • Public Holidays: CLOSED

Please be advised that every second Wednesday, the ID and Access facility in the Airport Services Centre will be open from 09:00. Dates where this will occur in 2020 are:

  • 12 February
  • 11 March
  • 8 April
  • 13 May
  • 10 June
  • 8 July
  • 12 August
  • 9 September
  • 14 October
  • 11 November
  • 9 December

All other services including visitor passes will be operating under normal business operations.

Visitor Pass operating hours

Visitor Identification Cards (VIC) are available from the Airport Services Centre at T1 International or control office opposite gate 55 at T2 Domestic. The sponsor must be present with the visitor before a VIC is issued.

General hours of operation

  • T1 International - Open 24 hours
  • T2 Domestic - 04:00 - 23:00

Contact us

Complete the online form and a member of our team will be in touch.

Otherwise you can call us:

Phone: +61 2 9667 9301

Fax: +61 2 8338 4991